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About the Business: Liberty Bay Auto Center has top rankings from the American Automobile Association (AAA) and has been named “TOP SHOP” by AAA for the last 15 years. Liberty Bay Auto Center has been voted West Sounds Best Dealership in Kitsap County for the past 10 years consecutively as well as placing in the top three each year in KING5 TV's voting of “Best of Western Washington Independent Auto Dealer”.Liberty Bay Auto Center has also received “Five Stars” from the EnviroStar for our environmental work. Besides the use of Solar Energy we store and use, we also use LED lights inside and outside and replaced florescent tubes with T8 energy-saving tubes. All vehicles sold at Liberty Bay Auto Center are delivered with a 48 hour 100% money back guarantee, a 90 day warranty/3000 mile warranty, a full tank of gas, a second set of keys and their first lube, oil and filter service is free, to ensure miles of smiles. Liberty Bay Auto Center is known for its complete service of every make and model, which includes a thorough washing and vacuuming of your vehicle with every service. Every car that leaves Liberty Bay Auto Center is always cleaner and happier than when it arrived.Liberty Bay Auto Center's motto is that we are “The Friendliest Car Store on the Planet,” and that’s another reason why we are so successful. We look at all of our customer's as a long term relationship, not just a one-time sale. Generations have done business with us in Sales and Service. We know families personally and we have watched them as they have grown. It’s like we’re all just one big happy family. We love our community and they love us.Our greatest asset is our positive reputation and the people who made it and maintain it. Our outstanding reputation has stood the test of time and for over 27 years and it is growing as fast as our community.