There are more than 2,000 businesses in the 98370 zip code, and about half of them are small businesses. Poulsbo is defined by, and has been built by, a diverse group of intrepid entrepreneurs chasing dreams and lifestyles, and sharing their passions with customers locally and abroad. While Poulsbo is home to a large number of small businesses, we also host some impressively large producers, light industrial manufacturers, and companies poised for tremendous growth.

More than 400 new businesses opened up for business in Poulsbo in the past three years, and our downtown business district is completely full. In a community of our size, the growth is encouraging. Growth means strength. The City of Poulsbo has seen sales tax revenue climb, year over year, with double-digit numbers that are among the highest in the State of Washington. We are, as a community, committed to maintaining our small town charm. But growth is happening before our very eyes, investors are showing their interest in tangible ways, and we understand why: we offer a great place to live and work – a wonderful place to raise a family. The number of businesses who are joining the Poulsbo Chamber of Commerce and renewing their membership has been rising. We are nearing 450 members and will easily exceed that number very soon. We will continue to carry on a rich tradition of being the premiere organization to represent our business community.

Join us today, and embark upon a relationship with one of the most diverse and supportive organizations in Poulsbo. With over 62 years of serving Poulsbo businesses, the Poulsbo Chamber of Commerce is poised to help your business reach the next level whether that is sales growth, business education, key partnerships, or marketing. We will help you rise whatever your goals may be.

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If the heart of all really valuable business is referrals, then “Hire for Nice” makes sense. Consider it the foundational policy for any company wishing to survive in the blizzard of noise that is the competition for customers and clients.

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Shining Stars

Know a Shining Star in our community? Nominate them today! Each month we want to recognize the Shining Stars in our community that stand out above and beyond the rest! Categories include: Person of the Month Volunteer of the Month Young Leader of the Month...

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Welcome Kitsap Medical Weight Loss!

We'd like to welcome new members Kitsap Medical Weight Loss. KMWL treats overweight and obesity as a chronic disease, leading to sustained weight loss and restoration of health.

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