Skyhawk Press

Skyhawk Press is a Poulsbo-based company focused on graphic design and water-based eco-friendly apparel printing with an additional focus on engraving. Founded by Alisha & Josh back in 2010, Skyhawk began as a small design and fulfillment company in a home garage. Since 2010, we have put our noses to the grindstone and have become a trusted source for high quality printed apparel and brand development services for dedicated business and consumer customers all across North America, as well as internationally. In addition to client work, Skyhawk Press is also the HQ to internally developed brands 16 Submarines and The Anfield Shop.

Over the past decade, The Anfield Shop has established itself as a top place to shop for official Liverpool Football Club products in North America. We work directly with LFC, in addition to suppliers across the world, to provide Liverpool fans with the latest and greatest products directly from Liverpool and beyond. Not only does it offer the largest selection of official merchandise, but a growing line of products are designed and printed in-house.16 Submarines is a brand created by submariners for submariners. Powered by a team of veterans and their families to ensure its customers with the highest quality submarine-inspired merchandise while recognizing the incredible sacrifice of submariners and their extended crew.

Skyhawk services include: Graphic Design, Brand Development, Licensing, Apparel printing, Engraving, Embroidery as well as e-commerce fulfilment services.