Bodhisattva Healing Arts | Brain & Lymphatic Therapy

Deep is a PRESENCE, not a PRESSURE™,  and at Bodhisattva Healing Arts, Patricia Little, LMT, works deep, with skilled touch and presence, directly into the brain and lymphatic system with non-invasive, pain free, manual therapy, to restore and maintain the health of the brain, nerve, and lymphatic systems.  This unique work utilizes osteopathic, visceral, lymphatic, fascial and structural therapeutic techniques developed by Dr. Bruno Chikly, MD, DO, France / USA, and is offered for pain relief and elimination, injury and surgical recovery,  re-establishing metabolic homeostasis for the brain, nerve, and lymphatic systems, with improved immune system function.  Toxins and allergies depressing the immune system are eliminated by treating directly through bone marrow, cranial rhythm, cranial meninges and membranes, brain nuclei and parenchyma, lymphatic pressure, and visceral manipulation restoring health and well being.  Cognition, mood, energy, respiration, digestion, elimination, and flexibility are all improved.  Visit today and feel the renewed since of health and well being you crave.