Mystery Member: Pho T&N

Rang and his wife Huyen, along with their four children are a true picture of creating the American Dream.

Pho T&N was established from humble beginnings by the Nguyen Family in 2005.

The journey to this path was not smooth nor was it easy.  Their strong work ethic, passion, and drive stem from what they experienced through the Vietnam War, as well as living in refugee camps with their children.  Their perseverance and strength have gifted them with this dream.  A dream  that started long ago with the couple’s desire to not only create a better life for their family, but to bring forth the best authentic Vietnamese food to a foreign land. 

Their journey to owning their own restaurant had very humble beginnings from selling Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) to butchering meat, then to working in various kitchens throughout the Seattle area.  Although there always seemed to be a language barrier, they could express themselves through their food.  This passion and legacy is now being shared and passed down to their children and grandchildren.

Their eldest son Joe oversees the restaurant’s public relations.  He brings his outgoing personality, as well as his experiences at the refugee camp, memories of Vietnam, and years of service with the US Marine Corp.  Trinh, the eldest daughter is not only the family gal with 2 young, adorable boys, but her expertise in cooking has been passed down from her parents.  Thai, is known for his quiet subtle personality and is often seen helping in the kitchen as he is trying to learn the ropes.

Their main focus has always been and continues to be that of satisfying their customers by tantalizing their taste buds and filling up their tummies.

Ribbon Cutting: 2 Brothers Deli

“Poulsbo welcomes Ed, Sonia, Oscar and Britney to the 2 Brothers Deli. Pizza dough from scratch, pizza, Stromboli, calzone, Philly cheesesteaks… wow, so good! Poulsbo comes to south Philadelphia! Yum!”  -Mayor Becky Erickson

The Ribbon Cutting at 2 Brothers Deli was a combination of great people, delicious food, happy tears and networking. If you were unable to attend the Ribbon Cutting, stop by 2 Brothers Deli and try one of their mouthwatering sandwiches or a slice of yummy pizza.

Mystery Member: Pacific EyeCare

Pacific EyeCare of Poulsbo (PECP) is a comprehensive eye care clinic that has served the Peninsula and the Pacific Northwest since 1979.  The clinic utilizes the latest technologies in performing eye surgery and evaluating the health of the eye.  From glasses and contact lenses to glaucoma, retina, and cataract surgeries, PECP continues to represent the highest level of eye care.  With offices in Poulsbo and Port Townsend, PECP is served by Drs. O’Morchoe, Lin, Dieffenbaugher, and Noble.  PECP truly represents the highest level of eye care in Poulsbo’s backyard.  PECP has been intimately involved with the local communities in sponsoring events, scholarships, community services, and educational/health institutions.  In an age where the larger groups and institutions are forming, PECP remains strong and committed to serving and being a part of North Kitsap.